United Airlines Newark Terminal – Newark Liberty International Airport

Flying with United Airlines from the international airport extended across the cities of Elizabeth in Union County and Newark in Essex County, United States of New Jersey. If so, knowing the whereabouts of your terminal at Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) is a must. Want to count things on your fingertips? Read the guidebook and be aware of all that may come your way when flying to or from the Terminals of EWR with United Airlines. 

International and Domestic: Arrivals and Departures

There are three passenger terminals at EWR, and United Airlines utilizes all of those. A total of 125 boarding gates are manufactured in the terminals to ease the process of arrivals and departures. 

The TerminalsKey Features 
Terminal A (Int’l/Dom Arrivals)It consists of four levels (departures, arrivals, mezzanine, and ground level). The gates level allows access to the following concourses: 
Concourse A1: Gates A10 to A18. Concourses A2: Gates A20, A25, A26A, A26B, A27, A28. Concourses A3: Gates A30 to A39. 
Terminal B (Int’l Arrivals)It consists of four levels (ground transport, arrivals, check-in, and gates level). The gates level gets you access to the preceding concourses: 
Concourse B1: Gates B40, B41A, B41B, B43 to B45, B46A, B46B, B47. Concourse B2: Gates B51 to B57. Concourse B3: Gates B60-B63, B65-B68.
Terminal C It consists of five levels (baggage claim, international ticketing, and check-in, mezzanine, domestic ticketing and check-in, and gates level). The gates level will lead travelers to the aforementioned concourses: 
Concourse C1: C70 to C75, C80 to C88, C90 to C99. Concourse C2: C101A, C102A, C103A-B, C104A-B, C106A, C107A-B, C108A-B, C109A, C110A-B, C111A, C112A-B, C113A-B, C114A-B and C115A-B. Concourse C3: From C120 to C128 and C130 to C139 (C139 is the last boarding gate at EWR)

Amenities to Expect: Shop, Eat, and Explore 

When it comes to serving the passengers who are about to depart or arrive with United Airlines, the passenger terminals are built exactly per travelers’ needs, requirements, and desires. Here’s what to explore at Terminals A, B, and C of EWR. 

TerminalRetail, Food and Drink Outlets, and Other Amenities 

Terminal A
Be RelaxBeechers Boardwalk 
BurgerFiCity RubBOLD Newark
Bang Cookies Artist PopShopBluestone Lane
Admirals Club Carlito’s BBQ TaqueriaCLEAR PreCheck Enrollment Kiosk

Terminal B 
All You NeedDelta Sky ClubCharging Stations 
America! KioskBelgian Beer CaféBudweiser Brewhouse
British Airways Lounge4mnFunction Travel GearCurrency Exchange International
CLEAR PreCheck Enrollment Kiosk

Terminal C
Bar Left America #691Bar Right 
Casciano’sBreakfast BoliCharging Stations
Abruzzo Italian SteakhouseCIBO Express Gourmet (Baby Kosher)Caps Beer Garden Oases
Books & Magazines 

Ground Transportation and Connectivity 

As far as it is concerned with getting passengers the right mode of transportation at the right point in time, there are multiple options to consider: 

  • Shuttle Bus between all the passenger terminals. 
  • Public transportation options, such as buses and trains 
  • Car rental facilities, taxi options, and rideshare services with pick-up and drop-off zones. 
  • AirTrain System between the passenger terminals, the parking lots, and NJ Transit/Amtrak train stations. 
Note: If you wish to drive to the airport, you can book a parking space at EWR’s lots and garages. 

United Airlines’ Service Counters at Newark International Airport

Apart from the amenities put forth by the airport authorities, your airline also offers some of the impeccable services to enhance your travel experience and to make sure they do right by your side. At the United Airlines EWR Terminal, you will find the following service counters, equipped with attentive, knowledgeable, and friendly personnels eagerly waiting for their turn to assist you. 

Ticketing Counters 

The first and foremost counter which you can visit for multiple purpose is the ticketing counter of United Airlines, where airline personnels are present to assit you with your travel plans. 

For Reservations To book a flight reservation with United Air, passengers can visit the counter with their travel related documentation and details to talk with an airline personnel, who will further assist with the availability of seats, associated policy, fees, and other factors you should know. 
For Cancellations You do not have to worry if your travel plans change last minute because the airline executives at EWR will assist you with the flight cancellation procedure and will inform you about any cost of penalty you are entitled to pay or receive from the airline’s end. 
For Seat Upgrades The facility to upgrade your seats is also available at the reservation counters. All you have to do is visit with the credentials of your current purchase and ask the airline about the available options. You can move forward with the one that suits your needs and desires the best. 

Airport Check-in Counters 

After you are done booking a flight or making changes to your already purchased flight, it’s time that you head towards the check-in counters for checking-in with United Airlines. At the check-in counters you are supposed to retrieve your boarding passes and head towards the security section. If you are new to flying, the airport check-in counters are best for you to quickly go through the process with the help of airline agents present there. In addition with these counters, you’ll find self-service kiosks, where you can independently check-in without the help of your airline. 

Note: Be available at the check-in point two hours prior to domestic and three hours prior to your internationa flight departures with United.

Help or Information Counters 

Forgetting the directions to navigate the terminal is quite a usual incident passengers come across. If need be, you are requested to head towards the information counters or help desks conveniently located at both the arrivals and departures terminal of Newark Airport. You can connect with the personnels here to seek: 

  • Help with navigating the directions. 
  • To know more about the access to airport lounges. 
  • Learn the status of an arriving or departing flight. 
  • Learn about the reservation and cancellation policies. 
  • Get to know the associated cost of any specific service. 
  • Have easy access to the at airport or in-flight amenities. 

These were just some common things that passengers can discuss right at the information counters. If yours isn’t mentioned, don’t be hesitant to ask. The staff will surely come up with the solutions.

Lost and Found Counters (for lost items)

Mishaps related to your luggage often arrive uninvited; lost luggage, delayed and damaged luggage are the common ones. In case you encounter such a scenario, it’s best that you report to the lost and found counters of your airline at EWR terminals. The experts there will help you overcome the situation after you have informed them with the necessary details and information. The airline also allows its passengers to report online via their official website. 

Other Additional Services by United Air 

In addition to the service counters, where limited number of amenities are offered, passengers can access other additional conveniences as well. To facilitate your journey, you can use the services as mentioned in the preceding table: 

Baggage AllowancePassengers can carry a maximum of 50 pounds of checked luggage, which should not exceed the linear dimensions (length + width + height) of 62 inches.
Forcarry-on bag, passengers can bring along one, with one personal item on board. The carry-on luggage should not be more than 9 inches x 14 inches x 22 inches. 
(personal items include, purse, small backpack, laptop bag, etc) which should fit under the front seat.
Pet Travel? In cabin pet travel is allowed on United’s planes for small pets that can fit under the front sit. For larger pets, the airline offers cargo transfer under the PetSafe Program. To avail of this service, you must present the airline with health related documentation. Must note that pet travel may propose you with additional cost or fee.
Special Assistance?Passengers with disabilities, including those who can’t walk or see properly can avail of special assistance. Wheelchair assistance along with other mobility aids are available for passenger’s use. Need to carry medical equipments? Connect with your airline for further guidance. 
Unaccompanied Minors?The unaccompanied minor service is for travelers who are aged between 5 to 14 years, flying alone (without parents, guardian, or legally-related adult). When you buy a ticket for the minor, you can book him under as an unaccompanied minor and provide the airline with necessary contact information for further proceedings. 
Pre or Priority Boarding?Passengers with disabilities or special requirements are eligible for priority boarding, offered by United Airlines. It allows for more time and assistance to settle in the plane before take-off. It also ensures safety and security for both the parties; passengers and the crew members. 
Immigration & Customs?United Airlines passengers flying from Newark Liberty International Airport can find the immigration desk of their airline at Terminal C. The Automated Passport Control (APC) kiosk will help get the passengers through the process immediately, avoiding any unnecessary obstacle.

Ending It! 

You just have to go through the details once while preparing for your air travels with United Airlines Newark Terminal and you will be all ready to hop on the plane without any unnecessary burden of forgetting anything. With United’s commitment to safety and security of the passengers, you can be assured for having an exceptional flying experience. Have a safe and happy journey! 

Learn With Us! 

What terminal is United Airlines Newark Airport?

United Airlines is in Terminals A, B, and C of Newark Liberty. 

What is the United Airlines Newark terminal for arrivals?

The arrivals terminal for United at EWR are: 
Terminal A (Int’l/Dom Arrivals)
Terminal B (Int’l Arrivals)

Does Newark Liberty International Airport have any lounges?

All three passenger terminal of Newark Liberty Airport consist of lounges. 

What terminal is United Airlines at Newark International Airport?

United Airlines utilises Terminals A, B, and C for its take-offs and landings. 

Can I check in at Newark Airport for my flight departure with United? 

Yes. Passengers can check-in for their flight departures with United at the airport check-in counters or at the available self-service kiosks. 

Does United Airlines allow pet travel from its terminals at EWR Airport?

Yes. United Airlines small pets to travel in cabin with the pet owners and large pets in the cargo hold of aircraft from EWR Airport. 

How much does it cost to go to the United Club lounge Newark Liberty Int’l?

United Airline’s one-time pass can cost up to $59 per person. It allows access to the United Club Lounge at Newark Liberty Int’l Airport. 

Does United fly to international or domestic locations from Newark Liberty? 

United Airlines flies to both international and domestic locations from Newark Liberty Airport. 

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