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Heathrow Airport is the primary international airport serving London and is a major hub for British Airways, which travels to different destinations from the airport. As you know, for reasonable travel, you must know the terminal details from which your flight will operate. Therefore, a comprehensive guide which covers all the information about the British Airways Heathrow Terminal is helpful. Get to know everything, from the location to its services, and make the best travel plans. Everyone deserves a smooth journey; with the data below, you will surely achieve it. Consider staying till the end.

London Heathrow Airport Info!

Knowing the airport’s information is a crucial part of the trip that many passengers forget. For seamless travel, one must ensure that they have all the data about the airport and how they can contact them during emergencies or when they have any doubts. It is better to be well prepared than to regret it later. Below is some crucial information about Heathrow Airport for your British Airways flight. 

Airport Name Heathrow Airport
Airport AddressHounslow, United Kingdom
Official Website
Operating AirlinesBritish Airways
Arrival TerminalTerminal 3 & 5
Departure TerminalTerminal 3 & 5
Official Website
British Airways Contact Number0124 412 0715

Know the Passenger Terminals at LHR

The Heathrow Airport currently consists of four terminals. 

  • Terminal 2—It is also known as “the Queen’s Terminal” and has 24 gates. It offers a world-class passenger experience.
  • Terminal 3—It was opened as an Oceanic Terminal to handle long-haul flights to the United States and Asia and offers world-class services.
  • Terminal 4 – This terminal has 22 gates serving many European and long-haul routes.
  • Terminal 5– Lying between the northern and southern runways at the western end of the airport, this terminal offers world-class services. 

What Terminal is British Airways at Heathrow?

British Airways operates from Terminal 5 and Terminal 3 of Heathrow Airport. The terminals offer a range of facilities to passengers, including check-in, bag drops, security checkpoints, lounges, baggage claims, and more. As the airline has two operating terminals, it is always better to know which terminal your British flight will be in. For that, you can get in touch with the airline staff directly or simply visit the official website.

Assistance offered at British Airways Heathrow Terminal

Now that you know which terminal is British Airways at LHR, let us discuss the services and amenities that it offers. As the airline operates from two terminals, ensure you know which terminal your flight operates from before you head to the airport. Both terminals offer a smooth experience to passengers, ensuring stress-free travel. Some of the assistance provided are-

Flight BookingUnaccompanied minorHelp counters
Baggage allowanceCab and Rental CarsWheelchair Assistance
LoungesDelay and damaged baggageBanks 
ATMsTicket CancellationExtra baggage allowance
In-flight Medical AidPet travel queriesCurrency exchange counters
Special AssistanceBaggage reclaimRestrooms

Easily Finish the Check-in Process

The easiest and quickest way is to check online 24 hours before departure. You can use the official website or the British Airways app to get your boarding pass. At the airport, you will find several check-in desks, the details of which you can find on the official website. The terminal also offers different check-in counters if you travel in a group of more than nine people or if a child travels alone. To expedite the process, you must bring all relevant paperwork with you.

Allowances for Baggage

Are you trying to find out how much luggage you can bring to the British Airways terminal at Heathrow? Everything you require is provided here. British Airways allows up to 23 kilos of checked baggage per bag. A cabin bag and a handbag are included with every British Airways ticket. All your belongings, including sporting goods and musical instruments, can travel with you. Check the list of non-permit things before you board your flight. You will have to pay an additional fee to bring extra baggage. 

Checkpoints for Security

British Airways offers a seamless experience at the LHR terminal for security protocols. You can avoid the long queues and rush through security, so enter airport security 35 minutes before your flight departs. Also, ensure you are not carrying any unwanted items that may get you in trouble. You will also find fast-track security lanes, which are available to members traveling in-

  • First, Club World or Club Europe
  • Executive Club Gold and Silver Members
  • One World Emerald and Sapphire Members

Desk for Lost and Found Items

The British Airways LHR terminal features a dedicated lost and found desk to assist patrons in retrieving their misplaced items. You can file complaints and make requests for the items you were not given during baggage clearing there. The airlines return most misplaced luggage within 72 hours. In addition, travelers have seven days to report damaged goods and twenty-one days to claim lost luggage.  

Assistance for Disabled People

People with disabilities need extra support to complete all required airport processes. Depending on the requirements and conditions of each client, LHR Terminal provides various services. The experts provide wheelchairs and other mobility assistance and also assist or escort passengers to and from the aircraft. Special assistance requests must be made by passengers at least 48 hours before departure. On the day of departure, please arrive at the airport 3 hours before the long-haul flight and 2 hours ahead of the short-haul flight. 

Getting to and From the Airport

You will find many transport options to get to and from the British Airways Heathrow International terminal, which includes- 

1. The Heathrow Express

The quickest route from Central London to Heathrow Airport is Heathrow Express, which takes 15 minutes from Terminal 3 and 21 minutes from Terminal 5.

2. National Express coach

National Express provides daily services to and from London Heathrow Airport. Unlike other coach companies, National Express will transport you from UK towns and cities right into the heart of Terminal 5.

3. London Underground

The Piccadilly subway line, which connects London Heathrow Airport to central London, takes about fifty minutes. It operates two trains per hour for Terminal 5 and six trains per hour for Terminal 3.

4. Hotel shuttle busses

Shuttle busses connect nearby hotels to London Heathrow terminals on multiple occasions. Kindly confirm which shuttle bus is required to go to your hotel.

5. Taxi 

You can reserve privately operated minicabs in advance, or taxi ranks are marked as you enter the arrivals hall. 

6. Driving 

Terminal 5 is on the Western Perimeter Road, accessible from M25 junction 14. It has a separate access road. Exit the M4 (junction 4) or M25 (junction 15) and follow the signs for “Heathrow Terminal 3” if you are traveling by automobile to the airport.

Note: Use the airport parking partners to simplify your travel. You can drop your car off right outside the terminal with valet parking, leave it at a nearby car park with quick transfers, or stay overnight at an airport hotel and have parking and transfers included. 

Essential Tips Before You Fly with British Airways

Below are some important things you must remember before your next flight with the British Airways Heathrow Airport Terminal.

  • Make sure you have all the documents with you.
  • Learn about the assistance that the airlines provide so that you get proper help for a comfortable journey.
  • To avoid check-in problems, ensure you know all the baggage-related details.
  • Plan your flight with the best in-flight experience. Choose the best seats and food for you.
  • Learn to upgrade your cabin class before you fly and take your experience to the next level.
  • You must explore the airport from where your flight is operating so that you have a clear idea about what you can expect at the airport.
  • One must know how to reach the airport before they take their flight. Ensure you know all the details of what transportation you can use. 


The details above cover everything you need to know about the British Airways Terminal at Heathrow Airport. If you want more information, you can contact the airline using the toll-free number or simply visit the official website.

Readers May Ask!

What Terminal does British Airways use at LHR?

The airline operates flights from and into Terminals 3 and 5 at Heathrow International Airport. Make sure to know which terminal your airline is operating from. 

How many terminals does the Heathrow Airport have in total?

The Heathrow Airport has four terminals: Terminals 2, 3, 4, and 5.

Can I buy extra luggage before my British Airways flight?

Yes, if your luggage exceeds the allowed 23 kg, you can contact the airport staff to buy more.

Does changing terminals at Heathrow require a visa?

The Direct Airside Transit Visa (DATV) is available in London (Heathrow). While most passengers need a DATV, those with valid visas who are going to the US, Canada, Australia, or Japan are exempt.

How early should I reach the terminal?

You must go through airport security at least 35 minutes before your flight’s departure. Fast-track security lanes are accessible when traveling via Club Europe, Club World, or First.

When should I check in for my British Airways flight?

You can check online 24 hours in advance and up to one hour before departure. If you depart from the United States, you must finish your check-in two hours before departure. 

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