Getting Familiar With Turkish Airlines DFW Terminal

Being prepared before commencing your travels with Turkish Airlines keeps you away from a lot of trouble. This guide to Turkish Airlines DFW Terminal will help dissipate all your doubts and clear the obstacles on your journey through Dallas Fort Worth Airport. It will brief you about DFW Airport’s Terminal D from where the airlines operate.

Learning the routes to crucial places at the airport facilitates a smoother and more streamlined journey. Going through this handbook will feel like you took a tour of the airport itself. So, are you ready to explore? Let’s bring it on!

Briefing The Turkish Airlines DFW Terminal

The following table displays important information about the DFW Airport Terminal from where Turkish Airlines operates.

Airlines NameTurkish Airlines
Airline’s DFW TerminalDepartures & Arrivals: Terminal D
Airport’s AddressTerminal D, 2400 Aviation Dr, Dallas, TX 75261, USA
Airline’s IATA CodeTK
Airline’s Contact Number080005 01565
Airline’s Official Website 

Facts About DFW Terminal D

Let’s go through some features of the Turkish Airlines terminal at DFW Airport.

  • You will primarily see gates numbered between D5 to D40.
  • It is shaped in a semi-circle.
  • Can transition between 4 terminals:
    • Arrivals Level
    • Departures Level
    • Mezzanine
    • Skylink
  • Move between terminals through Skylink light rail or shuttle bus for free.

Boarding Turkish Airlines Via DFW Airport

Let’s first understand how to board the Turkish Airlines from the DFW Airport’s Terminal D.

Checking In

When you arrive at the airport, your first landing place will be Level 2. This place is where you will observe several travelers in the process of boarding their flights. Here, you have to find the counter that serves Turkish Airlines passengers.

As soon as you spot it, get in line. When it’s your turn, produce your essential documents, such as your ID and passport. Your luggage will also be checked in, tagged, and sent to the aircraft. After this, you will receive your boarding pass, and your work will be done here.

(Note: You can also check in through the Turkish Airlines official website)

Screening Through Security

Make sure you follow the airport security guidelines and are aware of the airline’s baggage rules so you don’t have to face any issues. The security staff will pass your luggage through safety detectors and will physically check your items for any danger. 

It is an important step for ensuring the safety of passengers and may take a few minutes to hours. Hence, you must arrive at the airport a few hours before your flight departure so you have enough time to go through the necessary procedures.

Proceeding To The Boarding Gates

Your final step is finding your gate that will lead you to your Turkish Airlines air carrier. You can look at the display boards to check when your flight is ready to depart. If there is still time before your flight is prepared, you can stay in the waiting areas, get a snack, read a magazine, explore the airport, or relax in lounges to pass the time.

Ready For Departure

Prepare yourself when it’s time to depart with Turkish Airlines. Keep the required documents readily available with you and show them to the flight attendant when you board your flight. These include your boarding pass, passport, visa, etc.

Descending Turkish Airlines At DFW Airport

Is your Turkish carrier steering to the DFW Airport? In that case, it will land at Terminal D. Given below is the arrival process you will experience at the airport.


When your airplane reaches the DFW Airport and lands safely, you will receive instructions to disembark the plane. You must do so carefully without making haste. You will go through your arrival processes at the lower level of Terminal D.


If yours was a domestic flight, you can skip the immigration and proceed to collect your baggage.

However, if you have arrived on an international flight, you must go through immigration. Here, you have to complete the necessary paperwork, verify your documents, and may even have an interview asking about your traveling purpose, duration of staying, and more.

Baggage Claim

Next, you have to find the baggage claim area at the Arrivals level, from where you will receive your belongings. At this point, if you find your luggage damaged or missing, you can report it to the lost and found, security, or the airline’s customer support team.


This step requires you to declare any items you took with you on your international flight with Turkish Airlines. The customs inspection officer will examine your luggage and may inquire about your belongings. They inspect items if they are hidden, unsafe, or don’t meet their quality or safety standards.

{Note: You can avoid the lengthy process of immigration and customs by enrolling yourself in the Global Entry program. (only for eligible passengers)}

Leaving The Airport

You are done with all the procedures at the airport. You can head to ground transportation options and set off to explore the US. If you want to board a connecting flight waiting for you at another terminal, you can get a free light rail ride at the Skylink level.

Amenities At Turkish Airlines DFW Terminal

Apart from just traveling, Terminal D of Dallas Fort Worth Airport has innumerable amenities for its passengers, making your air journeys convenient.


Don’t leave your stomach growling and your mouth salivating, smelling the delightful aroma of readily made food. Satiate your appetite with the following dining options at DFW Airport’s Turkish Airlines terminal.

  • Artisan Market
  • Auntie Anne’s
  • Banh Shop
  • Brewed
  • Buffalo Wild Wings
  • Cake Bar
  • Cantina Laredo
  • Eatzi’s
  • Flying Saucer Draught Emporium
  • McDonald’s
  • Starbucks
  • The Italian Kitchen by Wolfgang Puck
  • Trinity Groves Food Lockers
  • Trinity Groves Kitchen & Bar
  • TX/MX
  • Farmer’s Fridge Vending
  • Pinkberry
  • Sprinkles Cupcakes Vending
  • Applebee’s
  • Bar Louie
  • Chick-fil-A
  • CRÚ Food & Wine Bar
  • Dickey’s Barbecue Pit
  • Hickory
  • Lavazza Coffee
  • Subway
  • Whataburger


If your flight can wait for an hour or two, halt your air tours and relax at one of the comforting and refreshing lounges at Terminal D of DFW Airport. You will instantly feel energized after getting a good rest at these oases before you continue with your journey.

  • Centurion Lounge
  • The Club at DFW
  • Minute Suites
  • Chapel
  • Emirates Lounge
  • Korean Air Lounge
  • Lufthansa Lounge
  • Be Relax Spa
  • Capital One Lounge

Other Facilities

Comfort at the DFW Airport’s Turkish Airlines terminal doesn’t end here. You can bring convenience to your air trips by incorporating the following amenities:

Free Wi-FiFree power stationsATM machines
Travelex currency exchangeShoeshineMcDonald’s play area for kids
Nursing roomsInterfaith chapelsUS Mail Drop Box

Parking Your Vehicle At DFW Terminal D

Before setting your air tours in motion, bring your vehicle to where it belongs, at the parking garages of DFW Airport. There are parking areas with the guiding instructions next to Terminal D of the airport. It also has accessible parking spaces for people who are disabled. 

You can access the following types of parking at the Turkish Airlines DFW Airport terminal:

  • Express Parking
  • Remote Parking
  • Valet Parking

You can gain several discounts if you choose to pre-book your parking space. The average price for parking your vehicle at the airport for a single day ranges from $21 to $45.

Getting To And From The DFW Airport

This guide will show you the way, whether you are arriving at the DFW airport from the US to catch your Turkish Airlines flight or heading into the US from this airport. 

These are the ways you can move to, from, and around the DFW Airport:

  • Rental Cars
  • Taxis
  • Courtesy Vehicles
  • Shared Ride Services
  • Limousines
  • Charter Buses
  • Public Trains
  • Airport Shuttle (Skyline)

Services You’ll Receive From Turkish Airlines

After getting a walkthrough of Terminal D at Dallas Fort Worth Airport, how about becoming familiar with Turkish Airlines’ services? Let’s have a look at them.

  • Making Flight Reservations
  • Managing Bookings
  • Seat Selection And Upgrades
  • Baggage Details
  • Pet Travel Policies
  • Travel Insurance
  • In-Flight Amenities
  • Turkish Airlines Lounges
  • Miles And Smiles Membership Program


This concludes your tour of the Turkish Airlines DFW Terminal, Terminal D. From here, you have to go on your travels on your own, but now with a guiding light. Whenever you feel lost and want to get on track with your air journeys, you can always rely on this manual. It will show you the right path for detangling your issues and making your travels easy.

If somehow this handbook doesn’t offer you guidance with your Turkish Airlines air tours, you can reach out to the airline’s customer support or find assistance at the information counters at the airport. From there, you will surely find your way.


Is Terminal D at DFW for international flights?

Terminal D at DFW Airport primarily operates international flights and some domestic flights.

How many gates does Terminal D DFW have?

Terminal D at Dallas Fort Worth Airport comprises 33 gates numbered from D5 to D40.

How to go from Terminal D to A at DFW?

The various ways you can reach other terminals from terminal D at DFW Airport are by walking, taking a terminal link shuttle bus, or via Skylink.

Where do you catch the Skyling train at DFW Airport Terminal D?

You can access the Skylink train at DFW Airport between Gate D11 and D20 or between Gate D24 and D34. It runs every 2 minutes, taking you to your destination in a maximum of 9 minutes.

What terminal does Turkish Airlines use at DFW?

Turkish Airlines operates from Terminal D at Dallas Fort Worth Airport.

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