Best Places to Travel in Italy

Best Places to Travel in Italy

Breathing Italian air is somewhat like experiencing heaven’s breeze; it’s a place filled with nothing but mesmerizing Beauty and Beauty. The culture, the history, the landscape, the food, the calmness, the love, the bliss, the wit, the magic, the echoes, the illusions, the yearning, and the sense of eternity are all priceless possessions that Italy brings to the table.

Rome does to its visitors is similar to what a poem does to a Poetophile, while Venice takes us away from reality to an ornate film set. And, Ah! How can we forget the banks of Lake Como, where the story of happily ever after starts for the two beloveds?

Some people don’t even get the chance to visit Italy, let alone rewrite their life stories from here. If you get that forever-desired opportunity, you mustn’t miss out on anything. There are places that, if you don’t explore, will make your trip to Italy incomplete. And it’s a quite little something to be worried about. Nevertheless, you have us.

If you want a trip worth your money and don’t want to overspend, then this is your place to be. Here, you will find all the essentials you need, such as a list of the best places to travel in Italy, tips to explore on a budget, required documents for entry, and so forth.

Places to Visit in Winters: Enjoy the Chills

Italy in winter gives you a proper fairy tale vibe, with snow-capped mountains and knee-high snow. The best places to travel in Italy in winter will leave you wanting more. The popular locations within are already on the table. However, if we may suggest, the visitors should also look forward to exploring the off-beaten tracks with fewer crowds if adventure is their thing.  


The best place to travel in Italy in November is none but the capital itself, Rome. Fewer crowds, a quieter place, and an amusing beauty are some of the things that Rome has to offer you. Majorly known for its social, political, and military institutions, the ancient Romans did far more than good to Rome. You will surely be greeted with a plethora of arts and crafts and restaurants in the winding streets. 

  • Things to Do
  1. Get views of the cityscape by climbing up the colonnade, The Pantheon.
  2. Visit the favorite entertainment venue for ancient Romans, the Colosseum. 
  3. Adorn the sculptures of horses, tritons, and Roman Gods in the Trevi Fountain. 
  4. Don’t forget to drive to the Ancient Roman Empire, “The Roman Forum,” an impressive meeting place of the Romans. 
  • What to Carry?
  1. If you plan to walk in the streets of Rome, a good pair of walking shoes is recommended. In addition, keeping umbrellas in your backpack will save you from sudden downpours. 
  • When to Visit?
  1. The city of Rome comes alive during December, bringing along the preparations for the Christmas celebration and the spectacular views of St. Peter’s Square.
  • Nearby Hotels

To stay safe and sound, you can choose the following:

Name of the Hotels Address and Contact Details 
Hotel Roma Tor VergataVia Vico Viganò, 24, 00133 Roma RM, Italy•+39 06 206621
Hotel Roma Aurelia AnticaVia degli Aldobrandeschi, 223, 00163 Roma RM, Italy•+39 06 9837 9867
Hotel Nord NuovaVia Giovanni Amendola, 3, 00185 Roma RM, Italy•+39 06 488 5441
ibis Roma FieraVia Arturo Mercanti, 63, 00148 Roma RM, Italy•+39 06 650951


If you want to avoid crowds, then Tuscany is your place to be. The infamous countryside location offers its visitors eye-catching views of the landscape. It is equipped with several restaurants and wineries. In addition, villas and romantic castles are also manufactured. If you can’t have an overnight stay but want to explore, visit Tuscany. It’s best for daytrippers. Make sure that you visit San Gimignanon City, the UNESCO World Heritage Site, and experience the locals.

  • Things to Do
  1. Winter is the season for harvesting fresh Olives. You can visit the community frantoio to see how olive oil is made and taste its rich flavors on a slice of bread.
  2. Museums in Tuscany are quietest in winter, the best time to see the masterpieces of Italy’s famous artists.
  3. Put your ski shoes on and go gliding on the white surface of Abetone.
  4. What can be better than a hot water bath in the beautiful hot springs of Tuscany in winter?
  5. Don’t end your winter trip to Italy without tasting its premium wine.
  • What to Carry?
  1. You won’t be able to bear the cold of Tuscany without thermals, gloves, scarves, and dark clothing. Have your ski suits ready for thrilling rides on snow mountains.
  • When to Visit
  1. During January and February, Tuscany experiences snowfall, which makes it ideal for skiing and sightseeing.
  • Nearby Hotels
Name of the Hotels Address and Contact Details 
Saturnia Tuscany HotelStrada Marco Pantani-Saturnia GR IT, Str. Saturnia-Pitigliano, Località, 58014 Poggio Murella, Italy•+39 0564 607611
Castello di Casole, A Belmond Hotel, TuscanyLocalità Querceto, 53031 Casole d’Elsa SI, Italy•+39 0577 961501
Pian Dei Mucini ResortLocalità Pian dei Mucini, 58024 Massa Marittima GR, Italy•+39 0566 915447
Relais Santa Chiara HotelVia Giacomo Matteotti, 15, 53037 San Gimignano SI, Italy•+39 0577 940701

Amalfi Coast

This dreamy place in Italy calls you to become one with it and enjoy your cool days among its vintage streets and museums. Visiting the Amalfi Coast will transport you to the Victorian era. If you are fascinated by the lifestyle of wealthy Europeans enjoying the Mediterranean landscape of this region, you are welcome to this destination.

  • Things to Do
  1. Don’t skip taking pictures of the breathtaking views of Villa Rufolo in Ravello, southern Italy.
  2. Bring home the beauty of Italy in the shape of its handmade ceramics as souvenirs or gifts.
  3. Take your time to roam around the beautiful gardens of Tramonti.
  4. Savor the unique lemon desert delights of Italy, and you will keep wanting more.
  5. You haven’t enjoyed enough if you haven’t danced to the rhythm of the Tamburine at an Italian festival night.
  • What to Carry?
  1. If you love adorning yourself, you can bring scarves, hats, and headbands to match the spirit of Amalfi Coast. Don’t forget to bring a cozy, warm night suit. A compact umbrella or waterproof over clothes will be handy for unexpected rain.
  • When to Visit?
  1. Amalfi Coast is all beautiful and calm in the months of December and January.
  • Nearby Hotels
Name of the Hotels Address and Contact Details 
Hotel Croce Di AmalfiSalita S. Nicola dei Greci, 13 15, 84011 Amalfi SA, Italy•+39 089 873136
Hotel AuroraPiazzale dei Protontini, 7, 84011 Amalfi SA, Italy•+39 089 871209
Anantara Convento di Amalfi Grand HotelSS163, 8, 84011 Amalfi SA, Italy•+39 089 873 6711
Santa Caterina HotelVia Mauro Comite, 9, 84011 Amalfi SA, Italy•+39 089 871012


Italy feels different in Sicily. Surely, you will get to stroll by the beaches, taste fine wines, and savor delicious cuisines, but all that amidst its vintage and rustic ambiance. You need to experience Sicily and see for yourself how Sicily feels different.

  • Things to Do
  1. Climb up the Etna mountain for some ski fun.
  2. You can’t miss the dazzling markets held at Christmas and religious winter festivals in Sicily.
  3. Wander around the timeless, quiet alleyways of Sicily’s villages in winter.
  4. Visiting the Valley of Temples in Agrigento, among other archaeological sites, is a must.
  5. Better stay away from Sicily’s beaches in winter and go sightseeing instead.
  • What to Carry?
  1. You will be good in Sicily’s cool weather with a heavier coat or jacket layered with some warm scarves. A raincoat and waterproof boots are also recommended for those unpredictable showers.
  • When to Visit?
  1. You can have the best time in Sicily in winter if you visit it in the shoulder season, such as March, April, or November.
  • Nearby Hotels
Name of the Hotels Address and Contact Details
Mangia’s Pollina ResortContrada Rais Gerbi, 90010 Pollina PA, Italy•+39 0921 437113
La Blanca Resort & SPAContrada Molinello, 91011 Alcamo TP, Italy•+39 0924 597478
Mangia’s Selinunte ResortContrada Belice di Mare, 91022 Selinunte TP, Italy•+39 0924 46911
Therasia ResortIsola di Vulcano, 98050 Vulcanello ME, Italy•+39 090 985 2555


While in Naples, you won’t get over how beautiful their alleyways are. You would feel like spending your whole trip strolling around its local markets. Everything is brilliant about Naples, be it grand archaeological sites and churches or its beaches or local streets.

  • Things to Do
  1. You can’t go by without tasting the Margherita Pizza from the place where it was born.
  2. Ever tried Neapolitan Cuisine? Well, just try it here.
  3. Want a time travel? Go, visit the historic center of Naples.
  4. Your trip is incomplete if you haven’t witnessed the Art Metro here.
  5. Explore the castles of Naples, like the Royal Palace of Naples, Castle Dell’Ovo, and Castle Nuovo.
  • What to Carry?
  1. If you are traveling in winter, you must expect rain and cold weather. Thus, it will be good to pack some woolens, warm layers, and waterproof clothing. You won’t have snow here, so no need to carry any ski stuff.
  • When to Visit?
  1. For budget travelers, traveling to Naples is much more economical from November to March.
  • Nearby Hotels
Name of the Hotels Address and Contact Details 
Holiday Inn Naples, an IHG HotelCentro Direzionale – Isola E6, Via Domenico Aulisio, 80143 Napoli NA, Italy•+39 081 225 0111
Hotel Cineholiday NaplesVia Silvio Spaventa, 18, 80100 Napoli NA, Italy•+39 081 554 4265
Hotel Palazzo ArgentaCorso Secondigliano, 519, 80144 Napoli NA, Italy•+39 081 1867 1350
Hotel Vergilius BilliaVia Giuseppe Pica, 2/16, 80142 Napoli NA, Italy•+39 081 563 5594


This elegant city in Italy is adorned with magnificent architecture for a reason. Turing is dipped in rich history and has deep cultural roots. If you love to explore the history of beautiful destinations, Turin is the best city for your expeditions in Italy. Here, you can admire its breathtaking art galleries, taste the authentic flavors of Turin, and go to operas and theatres.

  • Things to Do
  1. Visiting the royal palaces, like The Palazzo Reale, Palazzo Madama, and Castello del Valentino, should be the first thing to tick off from your Turin touring places to visit.
  2. In for a Christmas party at Piazza Solferino? Of course, you are in! Don’t forget to visit the Spazio Adisco.
  3. Time to adore the spectacular views of Luci D’Artista installations.
  4. Dip yourself in chocolate at Turin’s famous sweet shops like Stratta, Caffarel, and Guido.
  • What to Carry?
  1. Prepare for a snowy and cheerful Christmas in Turin. Bring some warm and cozy clothes, and make sure to add red, white, and green to your clothing color palettes to match the festive mood.
  • When to Visit?
  1. If you are planning a trip to Turin, Christmas time from December to February is ideal for experiencing the best time in this destination.
  • Nearby Hotels
Name of the Hotels Address and Contact Details 
Novotel Torino Corso Giulio Giulio Cesare, 338/34, 10154 Torino TO, Italy•+39 011 260 1211 Giulio Cesare, 338/34, 10154 Torino TO, Italy•+39 011 260 1211Via Nizza, 28, 10125 Torino TO, Italy•+39 011 650 7707
B&B HOTEL Torino PresidentVia Antonio Cecchi, 67, 10152 Torino TO, Italy•+39 011 859555
DoubleTree by Hilton Turin LingottoVia Giacomo Mattè Trucco, 1, 10126 Torino TO, Italy•+39 011 664 2781


Bringing a date on your tours? There is nothing more romantic than redeeming your love in a gondola ride in this Cupid city. Venice is not just rich with a history of love stories and romantic fables. It is also embellished with elegant architecture and buildings.

  • Things to Do
  1. Venice is beautiful from every corner. Even its local streets are too lovely to be left unexplored. Why not go on a walk and explore some hidden routes and sites?
  2. Treat your eyes to the beauty of historic arts as in Palazzo Ducale.
  3. Get your personalized mask and celebrate the Christmas Carnivals.
  4. A gondola ride at the Traghetto Santa Maria del Giglio is a must.
  5. Being in Venice and not visiting the Leonarda da Vinci Museum. Not possible.
  • What to Carry?
  1. Bring some dainty and cozy clothes on your trip to Venice, and get ready for a magical winter experience that’s just perfect. Don’t forget your camera.
  • When to Visit?
  1. If you talk about winters, Venice is at its best in the months of November and March.
  • Nearby Hotels
Name of the Hotels Address and Contact Details 
Hotel Carlton on the Grand CanalFondamenta del Monastero, 578, 30135 Venezia VE, Italy•+39 041 275 2200
Hilton Molino Stucky VeniceGiudecca, 810, 30133 Venezia VE, Italy•+39 041 272 3311
Ca Dalisera B&B VeneziaCalle del Ridotto, 1386, 30124 Venezia VE, Italy•+39 334 124 1602
Hotel Grande Italia 4SPiazzetta Vigo, 1, 30015 Chioggia VE, Italy•+39 041 400515


When you behold the breathtaking landscapes of Cortina D’ampezzo, you will forget your definition of nature. This town in Italy is an ideal touring destination for those seeking adventure. It is replete with nature escapes, ski slopes, fine dining, entertainment, and more.

  • Things to Do
  1. The snowy slopes combined with stunning mountain views in Cortina D’ampezzo are the ultimate features a skiing, snowboarding, or adventure sports lover, in general, seeks in its tours.
  2. Bring your inner child and let them enjoy the dog sleds in Flames.
  3. Tried skiing and sleds? Now it’s time for fat bike riding.
  4. Get a break from snow activities and have some comforting meals at its famous restaurants, such as Pizzeria al Passetto.
  5. While finalizing your trip here, don’t forget to go shopping and buy souvenirs.
  • What to Carry?
  1. Take all the gear you have for snow sports, be it skis, snowboards, or hiking boots. You have to pack a variety of clothes for this trip, such as Warm oversized clothes for protection against the winter cold and a few pairs of fancy wear for the nightlife.
  • When to Visit?
  1. The months of December to April in Cortina D’ampezzo are observed to have the best climate for enjoying winter sports and tours. So, go for it.
  • Nearby Hotels
Name of the Hotels Address and Contact Details 
Hotel Villa Argentina Cortina d’AmpezzoLocalità Pocol, 43/44, 32043 Cortina d’Ampezzo BL, Italy•+39 0436 5641
Hotel CortinaCorso Italia, 92, 32043 Cortina d’Ampezzo BL, Italy•+39 0436 4221
Boutique Hotel Villa Blu CortinaLocalità Verocai, 73, 32043 Cortina d’Ampezzo BL, Italy•+39 0436 867541
B&B Hotel Passo Tre Croci CortinaSR48, 32043 Cortina d’Ampezzo BL, Italy•+39 0436 199 6180

Is Italy Safe for Solo Travelers?

With a super quick public transport system, a culture that respects all, and people who go high on hospitality, Italy should definitely be your next destination for solo travel. It not only provides a safe and serene environment for solo travelers but a plentiful of pasta as well. 

The popular tourist sites in Itlay are perfect if you are traveling solo but are more than interested in meeting new people. However, just like any other tourist destination, Italy also has its ups and downs. But-but-but, if we talk about the country’s crime rate, you’d be surprised to know that Itlay has a lower crime rate than that of the United States of America. Here are some tips you can follow to ensure your safety in Italy. 

  • Inform your loved ones about your itinerary. 
  • Pack a few essentials, such as a working gadget to connect with your people. 
  • Always keep an emergency contact number or cart with you for emergencies. 
  • You may not find AmEx in Italy, so make sure to use an alternative payment method.

How to pick where to go in Italy?

With 20-plus regions to hop on, Italy is quite huge to explore. However, what might interest you may not interest your co-traveler. So, you must plan accordingly. If you are traveling solo, then the choice is entirely yours. You must get in touch with some guides that provide tours of the cities in Italy and travel on a budget. Or, you can talk with the locals about where you should visit first and last. With a plethora of eye-catching scenarios, you definitely won’t want to miss out on anything, though. 

How to travel to Italy on a Budget?

Traveling to Italy on a budget is like the cherry on top; the more you have it, the more you’ll enjoy it. Here are some tips you can follow along for a budget-friendly trip to Italy: 

  • Fly into secondary airports rather than the primary ones. 
  • Always compare the prices of the hotels near your location.
  • Look for direct flights (if traveling by air) to save money and time.
  • Don’t travel with your vehicle; rather opt for public transportation. 
  • Train trips get you the most discounted fares. So, look timely for them.
  • Always carry a refillable water bottle with you to avoid buying a new one. 
  • Keep a few essentials such as clothes/personal stuff to avoid buying from there. 

What Documents are Needed to Travel to Italy?

From booking tickets to entering Italy’s dream destination, visitors require quite a stack of documents. These may include passports, visas, identification documents, and additional papers. It also depends on whether you are a domestic or international visitor. You must get in touch with the authorities to learn what documents are applicable to you and what are not. However, here are some of the basic things you can keep a check on: 

Passport ValidityProof of TravelValid Driving License
Transport InsuranceDetailed ItineraryProof of Accommodation 
Tourist VisaReturn TicketOther Identification Docs 


We hope that your trip to Italy is as fun as you imagined it to be. With proper planning, you can organize your travel without even spending a hefty sum of money. To remain safe, it’s better to connect with your loved ones on time and let them know about your whereabouts. Lastly, do not forget to take in all that Italy has to offer, whether it be the good food, landscapes, cityscapes, beaches, monuments, structures, or anything else. 

Q and A’s!

How many days for an Italy trip?

Two or three weeks are enough to experience the well-established tourist destinations of Italy.

What is the prettiest city in Italy?

Venice is the prettiest city in Italy, and it is extremely popular for its Gothic architecture. 

What is the best way to visit Italy?

The best way to visit Italy is by Air. You can fly to the airport close to your destination. 

What part of Italy is most popular?

Tuscany is one of the most popular regions in Italy, known for its stunning hills, countryside, and delicious food. 

What is the best time to visit Italy?

The best time to visit Italy is during the spring (April-May) or early fall (September-October). If you are more of a winter person, visiting during the months of November is recommended. 

What is the nicest part of Italy to visit?

Pompeii, Verona, Sardinia, Lake Como, Portofino, Matera, Bologna, and Turin are some of the nicest parts of Italy to visit.

What is the most luxury place in Italy?

Amalfi Coast, Florence, Capri, Venice, Rome, Porto Fino, and Lake Como are some of the most luxurious places in Italy. 

Where should my first trip to Italy be?

Rome should be the destination you visit during your first trip to Italy. It’s best known amongst tourists for its deep history. 

What part of Italy is the most beautiful?

Puglia, or the Florence of the South, is the most beautiful part of Italy. It offers visitors a scenic view of its diverse landscape. 

What is the number 1 tourist spot in Italy?

Colosseum – The huge amphitheater is the number one tourist spot in Italy. 

What month is everything closed in Italy?

Everything is closed in Italy during the month of August, so you must avoid visiting during this time. 

How to plan a trip to Italy for the first time?

Figure out the destinations you want to visit in Italy, pick the right season, always research the place you are going to stay in, and make sure to keep a budget in check.

What are the three most famous cities in Italy?

Rome, Milan, and Naples are the three most famous cities in Italy, which you should definitely not miss out on. 

What is the cheapest way to travel within Italy?

Public transport is the most economical or the cheapest way to travel within Italy. It is available to and from almost every famous location within. 

Which is the best place to travel in Italy in summer?

Rome, Tuscany, Amalfi Coast, Sicily, Naples, Turin, and Venice are the best places to travel in Italy during summer.

What are the best places to travel to in Italy in winter? 

Italy’s best winter destinations are Clinique Terre, Florence, Bologna, Capri, Sorrento, Pompeii, Matera, and Verona. 

Is Italy a safe location for female travelers to travel solo?

Yes. Italy is considered to be a safe location for female travelers who are visiting solo. However, it’s super essential to stay vigilant during your visit to destinations with heavy crowds.

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