Southwest Las Vegas Terminal – Harry Reid International Airport

Southwest Airlines is a prominent US airline operating on a low-cost model. Based on the number of passengers flown, it ranks as the third-largest airline in North America. Its headquarters are in Love Field, Dallas, Texas, and it serves more than 120 airports in 11 nations.

Meanwhile, Harry Reid International Airport has millions of passengers passing through it every year and is the entry point for about half of all visitors to Southern Nevada.

This blog post will discuss everything related to the Southwest Las Vegas terminal. So, stay tuned as we cover all the crucial information. By the end, you will have no questions.

How many Terminals does Harry Reid Airport have?

At Harry Reid International Airport, 110 aircraft gates are spread across two distinct terminal buildings, T1 (Terminal 1) and T3 (Terminal 3). Each terminal features its baggage claim area, ticketing and check-in areas, parking garage, and shopping and food options. Since the two terminal buildings are not physically connected, knowing which airlines operate from which building is crucial before visiting the airport. 

Now that you know about Terminal 1 and 2, let’s discuss Southwest Las Vegas Terminal.

Southwest Airlines Las Vegas Terminal

Travelers departing from Harry Reid International Airport with Southwest Airlines use Terminal 1 for check-in and boarding. Those arriving at the airport also use Terminal 1 and can have their baggage claim at the same. The airlines use the B and C gates of Terminal 1. 

Let’s discuss Terminal 1 in more detail. T1 features a 6,000-space parking garage and a roomy terminal building housing the A, B, and C gates, ticketing, and check-in. In addition to three security checks, it offers a range of food, retail, and service options.

Southwest services in Terminal 1 LAS

One of the largest airports in the country, Harry Reid International Airport is home to Southwest Airlines’ primary hub. In LAS, visitors can take advantage of several amenities, such as luggage drop-off and check-in. The following are the possibilities available at Southwest Las Vegas Terminal: 

Making a ticket reservation

If you want to reserve a seat on Southwest Airlines, you have two options: you may use the official website or app or go straight to the ticket stands in Terminal 1 of Las Vegas and make your reservation there. Additionally, Southwest offers other ticket reserve ways, like self-service computers.


You can cancel your reservation with Southwest Airlines by visiting the airline’s official website and providing the necessary booking details. If you wish to return your entire purchase, buy a refund ticket. Southwest will reimburse you in full for your purchase in an emergency but not in any other case.

Seat Upgradation 

Southwest in Terminal 1: The airline offers the following options for seat upgrades at Terminal 1 at LAS. You should choose the class you want to attend when making your reservation. However, you can upgrade your seat at the airport by requesting the upgrade if you wish to do so later. Additionally, you can use your quick rewards points to purchase an upgrade if you are a loyalty program member.


Southwest Airlines provides several options for checking in for departing flights in Terminal 1, LAS. There are alternatives for checking in online, such as using a smartphone to check in at the airport kiosk, checking in at the airport, and checking in at the ticket counter. Remember that travelers must check in by 60 minutes for in-country departures on Southwest Airlines and by 120 minutes for out-of-country ones.

Passengers with Disabilities

As everyone knows, Southwest is one of the uncommon yet ethically sound airlines. To reduce inconvenience for travelers with impairments, the airline offers special care that includes wheelchairs, pet companions, and many other forms of assistance.

Food and Shopping

Southwest offers several passenger services, as well as a wide range of food and shopping alternatives. There are handy charging stations throughout the terminal that let travelers stay connected and energized while at the airport.

Medical Aid

You can travel with peace of mind by using the medical assistance stations for any unforeseen requirements. Southwest Airlines Harry Reid International Airport has a specialized Lost & Found department that helps travelers quickly locate forgotten things.

Customer Support

The airline provides excellent customer service to guarantee convenience and control over travel arrangements. It also offers a customer support department that is open around the clock to help travelers with any queries or issues.

Benefits You Receive While Flying with Southwest Terminal in LAS

One of Southwest Airlines’ greatest assets is its punctuality, which guarantees that flights always depart on time and provide passengers with a safe and cozy experience. When traveling to Southwest Airlines’ LAS Terminal, the airline guarantees a smooth trip through efficient procedures. Effective baggage claim procedures make getting from the plane to the terminal easier. The airline also offers a range of facilities, including Wi-Fi, charging stations, and cozy seats. 

Harry Reid International Airport Travel Advice

Given below is some of the travel advice that you must follow if you are departing/ arriving at Harry Reid International Airport

  • Before arriving at the airport, confirm which terminal your airline utilizes. Then, follow the overhead signs to reach your final parking location.
  • Before you arrive at the airport, check the status of your flight and confirm the details with your airline.
  • If you plan to bring electronics, make sure they are well-charged. You can use them at the airport, but once you’re in the air, you’ll need to turn them off for the length of the trip, including during takeoff and landing. This also applies to your mobile device.
  • Ensure your boarding pass or ticket is with you before heading to the airport. According to Transportation Security Administration (TSA) standards, all passengers must have a valid photo ID and boarding pass to Proceed Through the Security checkpoint.
  • For foreign travelers, the airport recommends arriving in the ticketing/check-in section at least two hours before departure; allow at least three hours. This will give you plenty of time to check in, get through security, and be at your departure gate.


All the information you require for Southwest Las Vegas Terminal is listed above. Ensure you read to the end to get all the details before your flight. Have a happy journey. 


In which Harry Reid Airport terminal is Southwest located?

Southwest Airlines uses Terminal 1 of Harry Reid International Airport.

Does Harry Reid Airport serve Southwest flights?

Harry Reid International Airport is proudly served by Southwest Airlines. Get away from the Las Vegas Strip and the scorching desert sun by taking a Southwest Air from Harry Reid International Airport to begin your next journey.

Can you go to Las Vegas from Terminal 1 to Terminal 3?

The presence of shuttle services at Las Vegas Airport is a fantastic alternative to consider if you’re searching for a practical means to get between Terminals 3 and 1. Shuttle services are also offered by the airport.

Is Southwest Terminal 1 or 3 in Las Vegas?

Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 are the two terminals at the Las Vegas airport. The B and C concourses of Terminal 1, where all Southwest Airlines planes enter and depart, are home to stores, cafés, and gaming machines.

When should I check in for a flight with Southwest?

Online registration opens 24 hours before departure. You will have a reserved boarding spot if you purchased EarlyBird Check-In.

What distinguishes Las Vegas’s Terminal 1 from Terminal 3?

Allegiant, Frontier, Southwest, and Spirit use it as a hub city. LAS has two terminals: Terminal 1 and Terminal 3. Concourses A, B, C, and D are in Terminal 1, which only handles domestic travel; concourses D and E are at Terminal 3, which handles both domestic and international travel.

Which airline flies the most out of the Las Vegas airport?

The following airlines operate out of Reid: Allegiant Air, Avelo Airlines, Frontier Airlines, JSX, Southwest Airlines, and Spirit Airlines- nearly thirty airlines service Reid. In the 1990s, Southwest emerged as the top carrier. The airport handled its highest-ever number of passengers in 2023, 57.6 million.

How does Southwest Airlines seat customers?

Open seating is available on flights run by Southwest. Once on board, just select any open seat and stash your carry-on belongings beneath the seat in front of you or in the overhead bin.

Where is the Harry Reid Airport located?

Harry Reid International Airport serves the Las Vegas Valley, a metropolitan area in Nevada, United States. It is situated in the unincorporated region of Paradise, five miles (8 km) south of downtown Las Vegas, and covers 2,800 acres of land.

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